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Ladies at Play
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Ladies at Play

Hometown: Norman and Shawnee, OK


Miranda Arana
(flute, foot percussion)
Shanda McDonald
(violin, accordion)
Kathy Dagg
(guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, tenor banjo)



The Ladies at Play are a high-spirited and musically adventurous trio that has been performing for Contra and English Country dances in Oklahoma and Texas since 2008. Miranda teaches world music at the University of Oklahoma, and performs Irish, Middle Eastern, Latin American, Eastern European, and Vietnamese music. Her playful, flirtatious spirit and passion are an integral part of the Ladies at Play style. As a master seamstress, chef of international cuisine, artist, and innovative musician, Shanda adds her own spice, elegance, and cosmic energy to the trio. Kathy, a medical specialist with her own practice in Norman, OK, is gifted not only healing, art and humor, she has unique abilities in the rhythm department as well. In addition to being adept playing numerous fretted instruments, she keeps the "Ladies" grounded and steady. Together, their talents are beautifully and artfully woven into the fabric of the overall sound of this dynamic and joyous trio.

The band's chemistry is summed up nicely in the following statement from a fellow musician who recently ran sound for them - "There is a real sense of synergy in their playing. It is so dynamic, the way they each shift back and forth between lead, countermelody, and accompaniment so effortlessly!"

With equal ease, they play Irish, Old Time, Zwiefachers, Polkas, Waltzes, Hambos, English Country, Klezmer, Israeli folk, and Balkan tunes.

They are guaranteed to knock your socks off!

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