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The idea behind Catapult came from Atlanta dancer and caller, Rob Harper. He envisioned a single dance weekend where up-and-coming musicians and callers had a dedicated stage to showcase their talents to festival-level dancers and get exposure to the decision makers scheduling talent for dance weekends around the country. After introducing and discussing the concept with many dancers, callers, musicians and organizers the idea has now taken shape.

Catapult! The National Contra Showcase is the result. This is our vision…


Create, nurture and advance the center stage for showcasing first-class, regionally-known musical and calling talent on the verge of breaking onto the national contra dance festival and touring circuit.
  • Dancers have a unique opportunity to be the first on their block to dance to the next wave of hot contra talent ready to sweep across the country.

  • Bands\Musicians\Callers have an unrivaled platform to demonstrate their ability to energize a dance floor for exposure to a national audience of dancers and organizers.

  • Talents Scouts\Schedulers\Organizers have a one-stop shop for experiencing firsthand the cream of the crop from the hottest new bands and callers to bring fresh new talent to light up their festival weekends.
Everyone wins.

Contributors to the Vision:

The Catapult Showcase is supported in many ways by…

  • The Chattahoochee Country Dancers (

  • The Country Dance and Song Society (

    To play your important role in supporting both the traditions and the future of the dance we love, check out CDSS. And while you’re there, please become a member.

  • The entire Atlanta contra dance community for support, encouragement, hospitality and a generous volunteer spirit.

  • And countless contra friends from around the country. That means you!

See you in May.
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What others are saying...
"New bands and callers and dancers come together with enthusiasm at Catapult!"

Shawn Brenneman
Musician, caller, leader, dancer
Blacksburg, VA