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All-Star Talent 2012:

Gypsy Caravan
La Banane Enchantée
The Noteboys
On The Fly
Sassafras Stomp
Techno: dJ Improper

Jean Gibson-Gorrindo
Michael Hamilton
Valerie Helbert
Rachel Shapiro
Susan Taylor
Mary Wesley

Gypsy Caravan

Hometown: Front Range, Colorado


Keegan Boyle
Aeryk Parker
(bodhran, sax, whistle)
Ed Secor
(fiddle, mandolin, accordion)
Lucia Thomas
(fiddle, cello)



Gyspy Caravan was conceived at a contra dance festival way up in the mountains of Colorado called the Moonfestival in the fall of 2009. Ed Secor and Lucia Thomas had just met and were playing some Balkan tunes, passing around 'the hairy eyeball', when they realized that they both had an itch to play in a contra dance band. Their instruments seemed to already agree, and after driving away Lucia couldn't get the thought out of her head. She and her friend Aeryk Parker often defiled the pristine halls of their music school with raucous Irish tunes, bringing up apologetic professors asking them to please not stomp so loudly. Lucia asked Aeryk to join the band, knowing that the wailing of his saxophone would add even more to the mix to which his bodhran already fit so snugly. After struggling to find a good rhythm player, Keegan Boyle came in as our knight in shining armor only a week and a half before our first gig. After frantically searching and auditioning different rhythm players, a local caller insisted that we give him a try. His playful attitude towards theory and chords with his love for high energy dancing made him the perfect fit, and Gypsy Caravan came into existence.

Our top goal as a band is not to get the minimum of wrong notes, but to get the maximum of hoots! We love to watch the balances turn into jumps, to hear the hays echoed by "HEY!!!" and when dancers will use petranellas to clap their hands, high ten their partner, or even get the whole square to slap the floor, bouncing back up for the next move. Signs such as these let us know you are having as good a time as us... almost! The drive from our band comes from the love of playing together. Whether on the melody or in the rhythmic drive, each of us will have copious amounts of fun.

We are ecstatic to play for you, and hope you will do us the honor of moving those feet!


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