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All-Star Talent 2014:

Celador (NC)
Eel House (AK)
Free Association (GA)
Frost and Fire (VT\NY)
Party of Three (ME\NY)
Velocipede (ME)

Jerome Grisanti (MO)
Brian Hamshar (VA)
Ridge Kennedy (NJ)
Frannie Marr (CA)
Dana Parkinson (FL)
Anna Rain (MD)

Dana Parkinson

Hometown: Saint Petersburg, FL



After stomping and swinging at a few dance weekends I starting thinking, "What can I do to bring this experience back to my home community?" It was not long until I started looking for a way to learn more about contra calling. I attended the Caller’s Workshop led by Cis Hinkle at Augusta in Elkins, WV in the summer of 2010. Nils Fredland was also on staff that week and played a large role in my calling education. I started calling slots at our local dances, attending caller’s workshops at dance weekends, and soon was calling entire evenings. In 2012 I called my very first dance weekend! The blur of wonderful local dances, dance weekends, and mini-tours that followed have made me feel like I have found an amazing way to enhance the dance community.

I want to be a part of dance communities because they accept everyone, providing a creative outlet for all participants through live music and human connection. I am so thankful for the opportunity to help bring traditional music and dance into the lives of those around me. I want to continue on the tradition of contra dancing for years to come.

C’mon out and hear me call! I promise you will be laughing, swinging, and groovin’ in no time!

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